How To Live Your Life The Healthy Way

In this bustling age, chances are, you must be among those people who feel so overwhelmed with everything that is going on with their lives. Grueling post-graduate classes, taxing work schedules, and other energy-consuming day-to-day tasks that you simply cannot avoid, nay, you simply must accomplish. Don’t you just want to sink to your mattress, breathe deeply, and think about what life is really about? Bet you used the time to plan for your next business meeting instead.

A word of caution, though, a few years down the road and you might find yourself glued to a single mattress in a hospital room, suffering from numerous conditions you never thought you would succumb to. Here are a few tips live a healthier lifestyle and consequently, ward off the sickly, evocative images that are often associated with them.

Work Out That Body!

Exercise may seem a lot to add to your plate right now what with all the things already on it, but working out has actually been proven to raise energy levels instead of sapping them. The key to selecting your work out activities is to determine which ones you actually enjoy doing.

This does not only increase your motivation, but it also strengthens your commitment to do it regularly. After all, it will not seem like a chore if you are looking forward to your favorite dance class or your selected sport game. It is also advisable to try a workout routine that allows you to move the different parts of your body; keeping variety in mind is also an advantage. After a full day, you won’t even feel guilty about calling it an early night and getting your well-deserved rest on your luxurious double mattress.

Eat Your Way To Health.

Some people go to the extremes of starving themselves all for the sake of losing those unsightly pounds. Uh, uh… you might want to let this thought sink in: An anorexic body is not a healthy body.

Go back to the basics. A healthy, balanced meal with the right portions of all the body’s needed nutrients is the way to go. Vegetables and fruits are as important as protein and carbohydrate sources. Let your body tell you when you are hungry and when you are full. Don’t be strictly guided by official meal times. Small frequent feedings throughout the day will balance your energy distribution. Lastly, avoid sugary sodas, caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Water up, instead.

Get Enough Zzzzzzzzzs.

Sleep is one of the body’s ways to rejuvenate itself from the day’s stress. You can make leaps toward healthy living by ensuring the quality of your slumber. Getting your bed a comfy addition like a memory foam mattress definitely does the trick.

What makes this stand out among all the other types of mattresses is its temperature-sensitive foam that molds itself to the body’s contours, which will find you totally renewed the following morning, ready to face another day’s challenges. With it comes a sleep that will also work wonders for your skin, your eyes, and your overall aesthetic appearance.

Urge Out Negativity.

Negativity comes in a lot of forms. It could be in the form of your “friend” who only feels good about himself if he pulls you down. If you feel he is too critical or too depressing to be with, then maybe you should rethink your friendship. You do not need more toxicity in your life.

You get enough of that from the people who pay you to do your work. And oh, don’t forget that the person who can damage you the most with negativity is the person in the mirror. That’s right. Negativity can also come from within. Get rid of those negative thoughts. Write them down, if necessary, so they don’t fester inside. A healthy lifestyle has no room for melancholic and morbid thoughts.

Live Life With A Purpose.

A healthy lifestyle starts from within. Knowing your purpose in life and gearing yourself towards achieving that purpose will help you stay atop of things when everything seems to be tumbling down. A purpose pushes you to be better and gives you direction and meaning. Find your purpose. It will serve as your life’s guide.

Being born into this hectic world is not an excuse to slide into unhealthy practices and attitudes. With strong determination, the right outlook and adequate effort, a healthy lifestyle is within everyone’s reach.

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How to Feel Attractive

Do you ever look in the mirror and just feel disgusted at what you see? Regardless of how you actually look, those feelings are caused by having low self-esteem. People who suffer from low self-esteem often have an extremely poor and often inaccurate body image and often see themselves as unattractive or completely ugly. As such, they often fail to see what others see in them. If you are tired of hating yourself and want to feel attractive, the most important change you can make is to start seeing yourself as beautiful and worthwhile. When you love yourself, others are automatically drawn to you.

What Is Attractive?

Although outer appearance plays a small part in attractiveness, there are many other more important factors that make a person attractive. Truly attractive people have a variety of qualities including, but not limited to, a winning personality, a dazzling smile, a good sense of humor, and self-confidence. The person with the most beautiful outer appearance can be made extremely unattractive by the absence of these characteristics. At the same time, a totally plain looking person can be incredibly attractive when they possess these traits.

What Makes You Feel Unattractive?

In order to feel better about yourself, you need to identify what it is that makes you feel unattractive. Is it a simple lack of self-esteem? Have you been criticized and put down by others? Do you constantly use negative self-talk? Have you been the victim of abuse? Have you faced a devastating rejection? All of these things can cause you to feel unattractive and worthless so it is important to isolate your personal reasons and overcome them. If your feelings are based on criticism by others or your own negative thoughts do everything you can to start appreciating your finer qualities and to see your true worth as a person. If that doesn’t help, or if you are a victim of abuse or other confidence-destroying trauma, seek counseling to help you reprogram your thoughts about yourself. After all, it is your life and you need to take every necessary step to make it a great one.

Ways to Feel Attractive Right Now

Though it takes some time to work through some of these issues, there are steps you can take right now to start feeling more attractive and to build your confidence and self-esteem. One great way is to start exercising. For extra motivation, buy a gym membership or start playing a sport you enjoy. You can also feel more attractive by smiling more often. When you smile often, you will feel happier and will receive positive responses from others. A winning smile can also earn you unexpected compliments, which will make you feel even better.

Another great way to start feeling more attractive is to start taking better care of your appearance. Keep yourself well groomed, take good care of your skin, and invest in some new clothes that make you feel great. Top off your efforts with loads of positive self-talk and a great sense of humor. Before you know it, you will feel as beautiful as you truly are.

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Multiply Your Outfits With 3 Simple Tips.

Keeping up with the season’s fashions can take up not only effort and research but it can also cost a lot of money. Which is why knowing how to stretch our wardrobe budget and creating multiple combinations with the pieces we do own is a must. There are three key things that you can do to create multiple outfits out of a few pieces of clothing.

Classic Pieces Outlast Seasons

While buying a few items that are in style is a good idea to keep your wardrobe fresh, it is just as important to have classic pieces that can be used not only with the current trend but also with future trends. Pieces like a great pair of black slacks, a pencil skirt, and a blazer and skirt suit are excellent building blocks for trendy tops that can be worn at work, or paired with jeans when going out with friends after work. Having more than classic pieces that are suitable for work is also important. For instance, keeping a straight cut, mid-rise jeans with no bleaching or embellishments like studs or a distressed look can transcend the other jeans in your closet. A tailored jean jacket, a long sleeved cardigan, and a few camisoles are essential too.

Neutral, Neutral, Neutral

Once you have those classic pieces what will make them last, aside from their classic cut and quality, are the colors chosen for them. Blue suits for instance are not considered to be classic pieces like a black pantsuit or a taupe blazer and skirt suit would. Having a light colored cardigan and a slightly bleached jean jacket will match much more fashions than bold or too dark colors. For example, with bright and neon colors very much on trend this summer, wearing them with a dark denim jacket would take away from the fun lighthearted colors on trend today. A light yellow or blue cardigan will much better match a lot more floral maxi dresses than a darker brown or black one will. Remember, these are the items you keep on your wardrobe for more than one season so they serve only as compliments and should not be the main focus of your outfit so keep it simple.

The Details Seal The Deal

Another thing that can make your outfit look different every time is the accessories you pair with it. Wearing heavy jewelry with a basic racer back tee or solid colored shirt will give the piece a different look than if you pair it with a pattern or floral skirt. Hats, sunglasses, shoes and belts also make an outfit look different each time. Wearing a belt with a tunic shirt, crop jeans and wedges will look much different than if worn with a long necklace, leggings and high heel pumps. So treat accessories like you do the rest of your wardrobe; a few classic pieces, a few trendy ones and mix it up!

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How To Choosing Perfect Plus Size Swimwear?

Summer is a time for skimpy clothing and bright fabrics. As the temperatures drop, there are all sorts of summer destinations which beckon. For plus size women however, shopping for swimwear tends to be difficult and stressful. In this article, we provide some great buying and fitting tips when shopping for swimwear for plus size women.

If you have been searching the racks at the online, one thing that you may have found frustrating is the comparatively smaller selections for swimwear made in large sizes. Fortunately, there are some online retailers who carry a more varied inventory so full figured ladies will definitely find something which flatters their body type. Women Within is the best place to shop for plus size swimwear. Don’t forget to use Women Within Discount Code while buying designer plus size swimsuits from online.
Knowing Your Body Type
Before going to look for a swimsuit, try to determine your body shape as well as body areas that you want to accentuate or hide. Stand in front of a full length mirror while wearing nothing but underwear so that you can see your proportions more clearly.

Key points to observe are your shoulders, your waist, your hips, and the length of your torso.

Using Colors With Your Body Type
To attain a more balanced look, you need to remember that whatever you dress in colorful prints or light colors will draw attention, while dark solids can conceal or disguise. Thus, if your shoulders are wider than your hips, you will want to draw the eye to the lower part of your body instead of the upper part. Thus, the best swimsuits for your body type would have colorful bottoms and muted tops.

The reverse would be true if your hips were wider than your shoulders. This time, you will want to wear a printed swimsuit top with a bikini bottom in a dark solid color.
Accentuating Your Assets
There are also certain swimsuit styles that can accentuate your good points. If you have a curved waist, go for styles which have an accent in the middle of the torso such as a wide cinching band or a brooch detail. You can also show off a firm d├ęcolletage by picking a strapless top or a sweetheart neckline.
Disguise Your Flaws
By being selective about what you choose to reveal, you can actually make your flaws less noticeable. For instance, a deep V-neck can make a small bust look fuller, while a waist cutout can make a boyish torso look shapelier. If you are insecure about a thick middle, hunt for swimwear that features dark side panels to give the illusion of thinness.  And of course, a stylish cover-up is the plus size girl’s best friend.

Plus size women can look attractive in whatever they are wearing, as long as backed with the right attitude and confidence. Don’t forget that every woman, no matter what her size, harbors self-doubt every now and then. The key to looking sexy knows how to carry yourself your grace, no matter how much you paid for what you’re wearing.

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How To Look & Feel Pinup Girl Sexy

Every woman wants to feel sexy at some point in her life and every woman deserves it. So ladies, I’m here to give you a few tips on how you can look and feel your absolute sexiest! Let’s get pretty…

Bath Time

Feeling and looking clean is a big part of sex appeal, but having a nice indulgent bath with some yummy smelling soap is a great way to melt away stress and feel fresh. When you head out of the shower reach for a soft, fluffy towel and rub yourself down with a rich body lotion to stay soft and silky. Feel in’ sex-ay yet?

Grab That Toothbrush

Keep those pearly whites sparkly and fresh by brushing and flossing regularly. That sexy retro red lipstick just won’t look nice with scummy teeth.

Groom Thyself

You don’t have to take landscaping to the extreme, but try and keep yourself nice and tidy. Keep your nails and toes trimmed and neat. Red nail polish is a classic staple, but feels free to experiment with new fun colors like blue and green. They can give your pinup girl look the perfect modern pop. Make sure you keep your eyebrows nice and groomed too. Pinup girls are known for their defined arches and yours should frame your face nicely.

Coif that Hair

Take a day for yourself and take a trip to the hair salon. A new cut or style will make you feel super sexy and give your confidence a little boost. If you’re looking at a pinup style go for some bangs and a nice rich tone that’s sure to shine in the sun. Make sure to choose a style your comfortable styling on your own.

Don’t Deny Your Skin

Your skin is an important part of your sexy getup. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids and staying on top of a good moisturizing routine to maintain that perfect pinup girl glow.

Paint Your Face

Don’t cake your makeup on, but do incorporate some pinup style techniques into your makeup routine. Black liquid eyeliner, defined brows, and pouty red lips are great retro touches that can easily be modernized for a look that’s as fresh and fun as you are. Make sure you highlight your cheek bones to give your face a nice glow.

Slip In To Something Sexy

That your all polished and coiffed it’s time to don the dress. Choose something that makes you feel comfortable, but still pack a big retro clothes punch. Perfect pinup outfits come in all kinds of gorgeous vintage style dresses, so don’t feel like you’re without options.

Why Women Love To Shop

I love to shop. My sister and I love to shop. My mother and I LOVE to shop. My boyfriend and I…well, he’s not so much into the shopping thing. But why is that? What is it that makes women love to shop so much? What is the driving force between trying on endless pairs of shoes and shoving through racks of clearance items? According to some psychologists, it’s all prewritten in our genes. 

According to evolutionary psychologists men were the hunters so when they see something they want, say a deer or a pair of pants they grab it and get out before the kill gets away. Women on the other hand were the gatherers of our ancestral cultures. They were tasked with checking every berry on every bush to make sure they were bringing in the best and safest findings.

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When men hunted in the past they were traveling in small groups, quietly hunting their pray. Keeping quiet in order to stalk they’re animal prey was an important aspect of hunting. On the contrary, women were gathering alongside other women in the tribe. Women would comment on findings, socialize, etc. Socializing is much easier when you’re in a gathering situation and women today shop as a means to bond and spend time with friends and loved ones.

But socializing isn’t the only reason women shop. Sometimes a bad day just calls for some good retail therapy. Seeking out something you may not have needed, but carefully selected it out of a sea of other things. As you compared your token purchase again and again to other items to determine which you would be walking away with you were actually practicing reasoning skills. Without even realizing it you set out with a goal and came through with a new prize. Small feelings of accomplishment, even on the retail front, can make anyone feel better about them.

So, the next time you feel the need to gather some new finds and you’re unsure about whether or not you should cave into the “gimmie gimmie’s” let your animal side shine! Remember when you’re heading out and about searching for those perfectly divine retro clothes and vintage dresses, your ancestors did this too! So ease up on the guilt and think of your ancient ancestors and girl, get your shop on.

What are you waiting for? Grab your best friends and hit the mall! Your closet will thank you!